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40 ounce Sacred Rok Klean Kanteen

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Keep our youth in the classroom of Yosemite

Water is life. Nothing survives without it. Our bodies, like the earth, are mostly made-up of water.

In our modern world many of us have access to clean drinking water yet we continue to buy bottled water. Each year Americans use an estimated 50 billion plastic water bottles, with only about 25% of those actually getting recycled.

The need for water will never go away but our consumption of single use plastics must end. As individuals and consumers, we can make better choices for our health and the health of the environment.

The future depends on the education for our children and it is paramount that we teach them to make the connection to the reality that we are nature; that what we do to nature, we do to ourselves.

As part of our commitment and responsibility to protecting our sacred life source for the next seven generations Sacred Rok is honored to have partnered with Klean Kanteen on our cobranded 40oz stainless steel water bottle.

We are offering these as a gift when you make a $100 donation to help further our mission of bringing youth into nature to learn Education Nature's Way and also in helping to protect the Sacred.